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Marble slabs

Since the clients place their order, Italian General Stone S.r.l. takes care of the choice of the material and the manufacture of the marble slabs in Chiampo in its quarry. The stafffollows all the manufacturing phases until the product is finished, packed and sent to the client.

The marble slabs have a minimum thickness of 1 cm and a maximum thickness of 30 cm. In the latter case the slab is commonly called “block”. The opportunity to buy the slabs of the desired thickness enables the clients to use them more extensively and for various solutions. The slabs may be put together in a single place using different types of marble to create true design artworks.

The various marble slabs chosen by the clients are exported all over the world by land and sea, so that everybody, everywhere in the world, may use the services offered by the company. The specialized staff takes care of the whole process from the extraction from the quarry to the customized manufacture of marble slabs in Chiampo.